What does “refurbed” mean?

Refurbed means pre-loved, fully restored and as good as new - all with a warranty.

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Restored products at a great price

Specialised companies often buy pre-loved products in large quantities and then refurbish them. After they've been refurbished, the devices are as good as new, technically impeccable and are ready to be used again by people like you.

Bottom line: when you buy something from refurbed, you'll save up to 40% vs new and receive a minimum 12-month warranty, while at the same time doing something positive for the environment.

More Advantages
  • Warranty

    30-day trial period and minimum 12-month warranty

  • Great value

    Save up to 40% vs new on your purchase

  • Green

    We plant a tree for every device sold

Why are refurbed products such great value?

Often, the products we sell have previously been used as display devices or as corporate phones. These products are then acquired by specialised companies with expertise in refurbishing processes.

This degree of specialisation enables our merchants to streamline their refurbishing processes. The result: refurbed products are up to 40% cheaper than comparable new devices, but like new in terms of quality.

Our refurbishment process

Data cleansing
Change of components
Exterior polishing

This is what refurbed products look like

Refurbed products not only function like a brand-new device, but also look the part.

Refurbed iPhone 6
Refurbed iPhones
Refurbed Samsung Galaxy S6 (front)
Refurbed Samsung Galaxy S6 (back)

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How to shop at refurbed

Here you will find information on payment, shipping, and our merchants.

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Support & service

We are happy to assist in case of any issues, problems or to take your feedback.

Call us at +38680083083 or write an email to service@refurbed.si.

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