Frequently Asked Questions

Condition of our Products

  • Are products sold on refurbed "new"?

    No. Our products are "as good as new". This means that they are secondhand, but have been fully refurbished and now look and function like a new device.

  • What do "like new" and "as good as new" mean?

    Technically, our products function exactly like new devices. They do not contain any data from previous customers and have a valid software licence. Unless otherwise stated, the battery has at least 80% of its original capacity. With regard to the external product appearance, we distinguish between the condition categories "Excellent", "Very good" and "Good".

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  • Do certifications, such as IP54 or IP67, retain their validity with refurbished products?

    Thanks to our refurbishment process, our products are fully renewed and are technically comparable to brand-new devices. However, the IP54 or IP67 certification may be lost as a result, which is reflected in our warranty.

Battery & Accessories

  • How is the battery life affected?

    If not stated otherwise, the batteries in our products possess at least 80% of their original output. Should a battery possess less than that, it will be replaced. In keeping with our mission to reduce electronic waste, batteries with an output of 80% or higher will be retained. As a new battery will lose on average 10% of its output after the first few charging cycles, the usability and performance of a device running on a battery with 80% output or higher will not be negatively affected.

  • Do you use original spare parts when refurbishing?

    As default, our merchants use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts in the repair process, though sometimes these parts are not available for our merchants because the manufacturer does not make them available for purchase. To help protect our planet by avoiding e-waste, we allow our pre-qualified merchants to use non-OEM parts that are the same quality and specification of OEM, specifically on mobile phones and tablets. This means that all of our products function like-new. We are actively supporting the right to repair movement, which pushes manufacturers to make their products more easily repairable and to make spare parts more available for merchants to refurbish and repair.

  • Do the products come complete with accessories?

    All our products are delivered with the selection of accessories that a new device would have included. Should this not be the case, we will inform you about it on the product page. The packaging, power plug and charge lead can be generic. Please also note that for hygienic reasons, we do not include earphones.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

  • Do the products come in original packaging?

    If the original packaging is either damaged or not available, the merchant may opt to use a neutral white or brown box, including protective material, to deliver the product.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    No. All delivery costs are included in the price of the product, meaning you will not incur any additional costs. What's more, returns are free-of-charge. However, please note that the merchant might adjust the price if the delivery is destined for a foreign country.

  • Can I return a product without stating a reason?

    All our products come with a 30-day trial period that allows for returns, irrespective of your motivation. The costs associated with the return are covered by the merchant.

  • How does the (min. 12 month) warranty of the merchant work?

    Each of our products comes with a minimum 12 month warranty that goes into effect on the day of the purchase. This warranty covers all defects that occur during the stated time period. The device will be repaired, replaced, or - if neither is possible - result in a refund of your money. Examples of these defects: a button breaks, the screen malfunctions, the device will no longer charge. Please note that the warranty does not cover defects or damage as a result of negligence or brought on by one's own fault (e.g. dropping the phone).

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  • How do returns work?

    If you would like to know more about the refurbed return policy, please consult our Returns page.

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  • Who covers the costs of a return when claiming warranty?

    In any eligible warranty case, the merchant will provide you with a return label. This label will enable you to send back the product free-of-charge. Please refrain from sending back the product without the appropriate label, as this will transfer the cost liability to you, the sender.

Merchants & Offer

  • Do I purchase the products directly at refurbed?

    The purchase agreement is between you and the merchant. Refurbed provides the platform that connects buyer and merchant.

  • Who sells the products on refurbed?

    Only selected, experienced and professional merchants and refurbishers are permitted to sell their goods on our platform. We do not allow individual sellers to sell on refurbed.

  • Why do prices change so regularly?

    Changes in product pricing are solely down to the merchants. At refurbed, we compare and list the most attractive offers, meaning that it's worthwhile to check back on a regular basis.


  • Can I also buy products in larger quantities?

    Yes, you can also buy larger quantities directly from the website. If you would like to order more than 10 devices and receive a customised offer, please send a detailed request and your requirements to However, we would like to point out that not all devices offered on the platform are available from our B2B partners.

  • How do you invoice for corporate purchases?

    Corporate purchases can be regularly conducted via the refurbed platform. If not otherwise stated (i.e. with differential taxation), the invoice will list the VAT. Cross-border sales (i.e. from a German merchant to an Austrian customer) will be listed as net provided a verified VAT-number is present.

  • Does refurbed purchase secondhand devices?

    We do not. At this point in time, we are a sales-only platform, meaning that we do not procure any products ourselves. Our suggestion: sell your secondhand device on any of the well-known online platforms and then proceed to purchase your refurbished device in our shop.

  • Can I exchange my secondhand device for a refurbished one?

    Unfortunately, no. We do not offer any form of product swaps.

How to shop at refurbed

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Support & service

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