Raymon FullRay E-Seven 5.0 (REFURBISHED)
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Raymon FullRay E-Seven 5.0 (REFURBISHED)

Unfortunately this product is currently not available.
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  • 1 tree planted per device sold


On the electric mountain bike FullRay E-Seven 5.0 27.5” you brake efficiently with the disc brakes even in humidity

  • average e-propulsion
  • solid electric drive from Yamaha
  • weather-independent disc brakes

Average acceleration with 70 Nm hub drive

Driving pleasure and comfort off the road – even on snow: The FullRay E-Seven 5.0 27.5” is a MTB. With the special tires, it can be used off-road. The electric mountain bike FullRay E-Seven 5.0 27.5” from r-raymon brings you solid with moderate thrust: It settles in the average range of motorization performance. For urban use and normal tours, it can be used in this way. The equipment is in the upper midfield: With the Yamaha PW-ST, an upper mid-range engine provides propulsion.

Shimano Deore gearshift with 9 gear ratios

The oil-based brake caliper easily decelerates your ride on the FullRay E-Seven 5.0 27.5”. Thanks to the hydraulic brake lines, it is efficient and easily adjustable. The bike controls the gear ratio with a 9-speed Shimano Deore derailleur. It is a mountain bike switching group.

250 Watts
Weight (kg)
25.0 kg
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